Benefits of Custom Curtains and Draperies

At Feather Your Nest we want to show you why selecting custom curtains and draperies is the best window covering option and why you should choose us to make your home come to life. Styling with custom curtains and draperies allows you to think of your home as a blank canvas and get creative. With Feather Your Nest you can start imagining and designing your dream home without the headache.

With major retailors it can be difficult to show your personality, but with our custom curtains and draperies they are made just for you individually giving you the opportunity to be original and show your personal fashion sense. With so many options of fabrics, colors, patterns, designs and textures to choose from your home will reflect your unique style. If you already have existing furniture and rugs you may need to find the perfect curtain or drapery to coordinate. Store bought fabrics do not offer a large variety of colors, prints and patterns. Matching and harmonizing with your furniture can become challenging, but with Feather Your Nest custom curtains and draperies finding the perfect match is stress-free.

As well as being absolutely beautiful and innovative, custom curtains and draperies are ideal for maintaining the perfect size requirement for your needs. There is no “standard” sized window. Custom sized and shaped windows often need custom drapery, particularly large or specialty shaped windows. It can be very frustrating when you find a curtain or drapery from a retail store and discover it is too wide or not long enough. Custom curtains and draperies are designed specifically for you. With our custom curtain and draperies you will always get the perfect fit.

Custom curtains are draperies are an investment. Typically draperies and curtains are not updated frequently, and since they will be in your home for many years it is important that they are flawless and durable. When you choose Feather Your Nest we will ensure you find the best options for your home. Our draperies and curtains are long-lasting and made just for you making them one of the most valuable décor pieces in your home. At Feather Your Nest we give you top quality products to ensure your overall pleasure for years to come.

Custom curtains and draperies are convenient from beginning to end. With so many quality fabric, color, and texture options purchasing curtains and draperies is simple. They are easy to maintain and have an enduring appeal.

At Feather Your Nest Cindy Lloyd Design we are locally owned and operated. Your satisfaction is our priority. We proudly service Warsaw, VA and the northern neck of Virginia. Your next custom curtain or drapery project will be a stunning addition to your home. At Feather Your Nest, we will make your purchasing experience easy and enjoyable with our experienced and friendly home design professionals. Our designers will guarantee you get exactly the look and feel you want. Visit our showroom in Warsaw, VA or call today and get started adding personality, creativity and style to your home.